New Work, Almost!

I am working on a fresh batch of work for the Local 14 art show at the World Forestry Center and the Civic Center in Hillsboro. It feels hopeful to begin getting in touch with some inspiration again after so much going on the last few years, the obvious stuff like the pandemic, along with some tough personal challenges and losses.

In order to create new work and feel some sense of inspiration, I need to come down out of the scattered attention that is managing web site updates and kitchen remodels and checking email. So I'm doing my best! I made a fort in my back yard for meditation -it's my art show canopy with curtains and a table and chair, and that helps.

I am listening to the music of Nebala and Kjell Braaten lately. I feel a strong urge to abandon the hectic pace of computers, phones and "normal" life and connect with a more primal, grounded feeling. Some Nordic, pagan, dark folk tunes help with that pursuit, since I can't go live by the lake in the hills just now.